I have sad news

My apologies, but development of StrictCode was suspended. It's hard to realize, but I think StrictCode didn't has future...

Take a look at this:
1. http://clang.llvm.org/docs/ClangFormat.html
2. https://github.com/travisjeffery/ClangFormat-Xcode
3. https://github.com/benoitsan/BBUncrustifyPlugin-Xcode

clang-format is much better tool for formatting C/C++/Objective-C code, because it analyze code "in the true way", via AST. Moreover, it's free and can be integrated into Xcode. So I have to admit that StrictCode is dead as commercial project.

Probably, in some future, I'll make it as an open-source project, based on clang-format as an engine.


Sincerely, Denis Shevchenko, author of StrictCode.